How to Beat Big Companies at Hiring

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How to Beat Big Companies at Hiring

If you’re struggling to attract talent for your small business, you’re not alone. Many smaller businesses have trouble competing for talent with their larger competitors. Whether you’re a neighborhood coffee shop competing with a multi-national chain, a local restaurant competing with a dominant franchise, or anything in between, we’ll show you how you can beat your larger competitors in the race for talent!


Focus on your employer brand

As a small business, you won’t have the same brand recognition as your larger competitors. However, you have an opportunity to differentiate yourself from generic corporate brands. Think about what makes working at your company different from working at a larger company. Will an employee on your team make a bigger impact on your business than they would at a larger company? Do your employees put more care and attention into making your product or service? These are all points that make you stand out amongst your larger competitors, so make sure to get them across throughout your recruiting process.


Emphasize your company culture

Another way you can distinguish yourself from larger companies is through your company culture. If you have a small but tight-knit team, be sure to emphasize to your candidates that they’ll be joining a cohesive team. If you have a fun and casual work environment, be sure to tell candidates what to expect. Granted, not every candidate will be looking for the same type of company culture, but highlighting your culture is a good way for you and your candidates to see if you’re a good fit for each other.


Advertise room for growth

One of the biggest selling points you can offer candidates is room for growth and advancement. If you offer your best employees opportunities for promotion, advertise that you promote internally and that new employees have high potential for growth. You should let your candidates know that they’re not taking a dead-end job and that they can move up in your company based on their own merits and performance. Advertising room for growth will help you attract ambitious candidates eager to contribute to your business.


Be proactive

Last but perhaps most importantly, you need to be proactive in your recruiting efforts if you want to hire the best candidates. As a small business, you can’t afford to rely on passive recruiting to fill your openings. Instead of waiting for candidates to apply to your job, reach out to qualified candidates first and ask them if they’re interested in your position. Your initiative will impress your candidates and you will have a chance to secure them before your competitors.

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Hiring qualified candidates can be challenging, especially if you’re up against larger competitors. However, your small size need not be a disadvantage. As long as you focus on your employer brand, emphasize your company culture, advertise your room for growth, and reach out to candidates first, you’ll be well on your way to attracting top talent. Let us help you hire the candidates you need today!



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