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Featured Employer: Roman & Roman Cleaning Services

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Featured Employer: Roman & Roman Cleaning Services

Featured Employer: Roman & Roman Cleaning Services

Everything Tomas Roman knows about domestic life, he learned from his mother, Eufemia. A dedicated and meticulous house cleaner for more than 35 years, Eufemia has been known on more than one occasion to make her clients weep with joy after a cleaning visit to their homes.

Three years ago, Tomas, a talented painter and home remodeling professional in his own right, decided to partner with his mother and Jessica Marcano, a 15-year veteran in the customer service industry, to launch Roman and Roman Cleaning Services. Together, they leverage their diverse skillsets to provide New York’s five boroughs with eco-friendly and reliable on-demand cleaning and home improvement services.


A simple mission

The company’s mission is simple: We provide a clean home environment. This philosophy applies not only to your kitchen counters and floors, but also to every product that is used to clean them. Roman and Roman Cleaning Services are proud to use only green, non-toxic cleaning products safe for babies, pets, clients and cleaners alike.

Recognized as a “Best for NYC” company in 2016, the family-run business currently employs confident and dependable cleaners for flexible part-time to full-time opportunities.


Ample room for growth

According to co-founder Jessica Marcano, Roman and Roman Cleaning Services’ primary focus is how they can best serve their employees. This means providing ample room for growth. It’s not unusual for cleaners who have interest or passion in developing new skills, to move into other departments, such as human resources or marketing. “We do our best to find the place that you are good at — we work with your strengths, not your weaknesses,” says Marcano.


Employees over clients

This mindset is likely the reason why Marcano has been named “the best boss in the world” by many of her employees and their children. In addition to leveraging each employee’s best assets, management is committed to establishing a supportive environment where the team’s needs come first.

Cleaners have flexibility in determining their work schedule and choosing projects and clients. Bonuses are also regularly given for excellent reviews and performance. They also get instant, direct access to Marcano, herself, whenever an issue arises. If ever forced to choose between a client or an employee, her allegiance is always to the latter.


Who should apply?

Roman and Roman Cleaning Services is currently seeking excited, passionate, and confident residential and commercial cleaners to join their growing team. Experience is preferred, but a willingness to learn and a team-player attitude is also greatly valued. You must have a smartphone and be able to travel within the greater New York City area.

Are you looking to grow with a company that puts your interests over their clients’? Apply to Roman and Roman Cleaners on Merlin now!


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