Five Things to Look for in a Great Cleaner

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How to hire a great cleaner

Five Things to Look for in a Great Cleaner

Having your home or office space cleaned by someone else is one of life’s great luxuries, so when you do decide to splurge on this service, you’ll want to ensure you’ve hired the best cleaner for the job. Oftentimes, this is easier said than done. While experience is a must, many clients also desire a certain degree of trust and responsibility to be established before allowing someone to enter their personal space and tidy up their messes. Below are five ways to help you hire the right cleaner for your residence, business or cleaning company.


Talk to References

In the home cleaning business, authentic reviews and word-of-mouth referrals constitute an important part of the sales and marketing strategy. Before hiring your cleaning professional, ask their previous clients and/or employers about the scope of their work, quality, efficiency and personality. Ask questions that extend beyond cleaning ability, such as: How does the cleaner greet them? How does the cleaner ask for time off? If available, also check out their reviews on sites, like Yelp or


Test Knowledge of Cleaning Products

This doesn’t mean that the cleaner must know every ingredient listed on a Windex bottle, but they should be familiar with which products work (or don’t work) on which surfaces. Additionally, with more families and businesses going green, using effective, yet eco-friendly (as well as pet-friendly) products are becoming increasingly popular. Is your cleaning professional familiar with the different range of products? Are they able to easily modify their cleaning protocols to accommodate different types of clients?


Determine Punctuality and Flexibility

Because time is money, especially in the cleaning business, it is important that your cleaner is committed to efficiency and starting and ending their visits on time. At the same time, they should still be flexible in their schedule for last-minute cancellations and bookings, which are inevitable in an at-home service business. Assess their punctuality during the interview process. Are they on time for your meeting? Do they have another job or obligation that might impact their flexibility?


Get Peace of Mind

To protect themselves from theft or damage, many clients prefer to work with cleaners or cleaning companies that are fully bonded and insured. A good way to measure the quality of service of your cleaner is find out if they are insured or previously worked for a company that was licensed and insured. Note: Peace of mind comes with a cost, as many licensed or insured cleaners typically charge higher prices.


Check Personality Fit

Unless your cleaner will only be working solo after hours, chances are they will have to interact with others, either clients or other cleaning staff. Are they friendly and polite? Can they effectively communicate their needs or convey a problem? How will they be a good representative of your brand or company? These are the types of questions you should be thinking about during the entire interview process.

Most importantly you should be focused on hiring someone who is committed to doing the job with pride and passion. Studies find that across every industry, workers who feel like they are making a true impact are more engaged and content in their work. Though it may not be the most glamourous profession, residential and commercial cleaners are still able to see the immediate impact of their work and help others feel better about their surroundings. A cleaner who understands and shares this perspective will be a great asset to your team.



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