Why Good Jobs Are a Win for Everyone

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Why Good Jobs Are a Win for Everyone

According to the Harvard Business Review, approximately 20 percent of American workers hold bad jobs. Many companies fall into the trap of believing that they have to keep wages low and limit employee benefits to keep their prices consumer-friendly.

However, more organizations are realizing the benefits of the Good Jobs Strategy, which invests higher than average amounts of resources into employees. They pay more, offer attractive benefits, provide professional development and advancement opportunities, and move away from treating their people as easily replaceable parts.


The Benefits of Good Jobs

The Good Jobs Strategy results in benefits for your employees, your customers and your bottom line. It starts with happier employees. They’re more engaged at work, are motivated to go above and beyond in their job duties, have less stress because they don’t have to work multiple jobs for a living wage, and they’re more likely to stay with your company.

Your customers benefit from happy employees who like being at their jobs. Since your turnover will be lower, you will have more experienced employees who stay with you longer.

The customer experience is one of the most important things you need to get right if you want to stay competitive. The Good Jobs Strategy gives you the elements you need to boost your bottom line and stand out in your market.


How to Make the Good Jobs Strategy Work for You

The Good Jobs Strategy is attractive, but how do you get started? Your first step is embracing the mindset of investing in your employees. When your company treats them like they’re valuable, rather than someone you hired to fill an empty spot, you end up with a company culture that’s attractive to talented workers and customers looking for a quality experience.

Above market pay

The logical place to start is with the pay. Offering above-market wages not only helps you bring in great people, but also reduces the chance that they’re going to be tired, burned out, or stressed because of having to work other jobs. They can use their wages from your position to cover all their bills and other expenses.

Offer benefits

Benefits are another key area to address. Health insurance, paid time off, sick days, 401(k) matches and other perks set you apart when you’re operating in a market that tries to offer workers as little as possible. If you’re not sure which benefits matter most to potential employees, ask them and look at other top performers in your industry.

Offer flexibility

Treating workers like they’re humans rather than machines is also important. People have varying scheduling needs throughout the year. Sometimes emergencies happen or unexpected opportunities come up. When you work to accommodate employee schedules, your employees won’t end up frustrated or resentful over their work hours.

Invest in training

Good training also makes a world of difference, especially when it comes to front-line employees who interact with customers daily. Offer excellent training materials, allow experienced employees to add their tips and tricks, and keep an eye out for new solutions that improve the way everyone works.

When you treat your workers as investments that will pay dividends in the long run, excellent ROI is the result. While you may not be able to implement the good jobs strategy right away, it pays to start thinking about treating your employees in a way that they, your customers, and you will benefit from.



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