Four Traits to Look for in a Reliable Construction Operator

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How to hire a construction operator

Four Traits to Look for in a Reliable Construction Operator

Construction is a thriving industry — with an excellent job outlook for many positions, including construction operators and operating engineers. However, with so many dangers on the job — from working in harsh weather conditions or during abnormal hours to constantly being at a high risk of injury, recruiting experienced and qualified operators for your construction crew should be a priority. Before you hire, make sure to look for candidates who possess the following traits and abilities.


Operates Multiple Types of Machinery

Hiring a construction operator who can operate different types of equipment and machinery will not only save you money, but it will also provide peace of mind. This person can serve as a reliable backup operator or resource when needed. Consider asking candidates to demonstrate their operating skills during the interview.


Knows Safety Procedures

It’s no secret that construction sites are notorious hazard zones. Find an operator who is safety minded and knows how to operate equipment in compliance with standard safety policies and procedures. They should also be familiar with safely maintaining, cleaning and storing equipment. Find out what kind of safety precautions potential hires take on the job. Have they had any previous accidents? How do they focus on safety before, during and after the job?


Tidy and Organized

Because construction sites are so dangerous, it’s important that your operating engineers pitch into make all trafficked areas as clean and organized as possible. This means operators should not only limit their job to operating their machinery. When not using equipment, they should be able to help keep the work area and other machines tidy, checking filters, oiling equipment and throwing out extra materials and trash.


Excellent Communicator

While on the job, construction operators will likely take orders from a foreman or a superintendent and communicate regularly with coworkers. That said, the ability to effectively communicate, whether it is following directions, coordinating with others or expressing an alternative opinion, is a trait every operator should have. During the interview, pay attention to how candidates communicate their ideas and experiences to you. Are they clear and convincing in their examples? As a test, have them explain to you how to accomplish a task (does not have to be construction related). Are you able to follow along with their thought process?

Experienced and responsible construction operators will be able to clearly communicate and demonstrate all of these abilities through their resumes and interviews.



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