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Four Traits to Look for in a Great Electrician

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How to hire an electrician

Four Traits to Look for in a Great Electrician

The path to becoming a professional electrician often requires several years of apprenticeship and on-the-job training. Therefore, it’s not unusual for electricians to go through 4,000 hours of training before receiving their state license. That said, if you are looking to grow your business, you’ll want to hire electricians that offer more than just a valid license. Here are four qualities that you should look for when hiring electricians who stand out from the rest.


Practical Experience

Sufficient real-world experience is a metric that is crucial for success on the job. After all, learning how to do something is not the same as actually having done it. Experienced electricians will be able to diagnose problems more efficiently and quickly than their beginner counterparts, which can save money and time for both your business and your clients.


Knowledge of Current Trends

As the electrical industry continues to evolve, new technologies and products are being regularly adopted into the mainstream. This means electricians need to stay up to date with current trends and learn how to implement them into their own practice. Top electricians may belong to organizations, like the Independent Electrical Contractors or the National Electric Contractors Association, or subscribe to industry-related publications. During the interview process, ask if and how candidates keep track of news in the industry.


Safety Minded

The importance of electrical safety can not be overstated. Homeowners likely know that even the simplest tasks can turn dangerous if not performed by a professional electrician. That said, your electrician should be able to demonstrate clear knowledge of safety codes and procedures for any workplace environment. Some questions you may consider asking: Have you gone through electrical safety training? How have you handled previous emergencies? What measures or precautions do you take to ensure safety on the job?


Detail Oriented

Every electrician knows – one misstep with a wire can prove catastrophic. This is why electricians must be highly meticulous and organized in their work. They should know which type of wrench is needed for a job and be able to estimate and allocate the extra time required to do a job correctly. Not only that, the most talented electricians will be able to remain calm and focused in high-pressure situations. Some questions to ask potential hires include: What is their method for staying organized? How do they deal with distractions?

Candidates who exhibit these four qualities should be seriously considered to join your team. And here’s a final tip, before you hire, invite prospective employees to meet the other electricians on staff to get a second opinion and make sure they’re a good fit for the team.


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