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Five Traits to Look For in Your Next Plumber

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How to hire a plumber

Five Traits to Look For in Your Next Plumber

With the of U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics projecting greater than average growth in the plumbing industry over the next decade, home and commercial plumbing services will undoubtedly benefit from this windfall. To distinguish your business from the competition, make hiring the top talent your first priority. Get started with these five tips:


Hire a Licensed or Master Plumber

Unless you have the time and resources to invest in training novice plumbers, hiring a licensed plumber, while more expensive, may be the smarter choice in the long run. Master plumbers, as they are sometimes called, have significantly more hands-on experience and are typically trained with business management skills, whereas regular plumbers are less experienced and only focus on the plumbing itself.

In addition to knowing more tips and tricks of the trade, master plumbers require less supervision and can often train apprentices. And only licensed plumbers can buy you and your clients the peace of mind that less experienced plumbers won’t be able to.


Confidently Performs Basic Skills

Depending on their training, plumbers will have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their talents. Based on your clients’ needs, you should be able to define which skills are absolutely necessary for your new hire. Some typical plumbing duties might include: fixing blockages, retrofit plumbing, installing pipes and fixtures, knowledge of different plumbing systems, and building plumbing for new construction.


Demonstrates Excellent Communication Skills

If fixing plumbing problems is the most important requirement for a plumber, having good communication skills is a close second. Plumbers should know how to deal with not only irate or panicked clients, but also with their managers, dispatch and installation teams. They should be able to demonstrate calm and level headedness in high-stress situations. During the interview, ask potential hires how they have previously handled difficult situations with clients and/or colleagues.


Has Clean Driving Record

Because a plumber is responsible for getting to a client’s home or business himself, we recommend checking their driving record for history of accidents, speeding tickets or other driving infractions. As long as a potential employee signs a release form authorizing this action, an employer can order their driving report from the state DMV. If your potential employee is reluctant to do so, consider this a red flag.


Keeps Up With Technology Trends

When you think of plumbing, technology may not be the first thing that comes to mind — but for modern plumbers, the landscape is changing. For example, thanks to new environmental concerns, plumbing is now greener than ever before, which means customers are demanding newer, technologically advanced products — from eco-friendly dishwashers to greywater — in their homes and businesses. Your new hire should be familiar with what kinds of products are available or will be available soon.

A plumber who embodies all of the above characteristics will make a great asset to your company. And remember to regularly check in with them and their clients for feedback to make sure they all parties are satisfied.



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