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5 Traits Every Parking Attendant Should Have

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how to hire a parking attendant

5 Traits Every Parking Attendant Should Have

Parallel parking. Perpendicular parking. Angle Parking. If your business is in the process of hiring a new parking attendant, finding someone who has mastered all three parking styles should be the first box to check on your list. But being able to successfully back up into a spot is not the only quality that you should be seeking in your new part-time or full-time valet. Here are five additional must-have traits that your next parking attendant should have.


1. Excellent Driving Record

Notice the key word is “excellent” — not “good” or “fine.” Your customers are entrusting, perhaps, their most valuable possession to your business, so it’s your responsibility to make sure that you employ attendants who have an impeccable driving record. Of course, you should also take into consideration a candidate’s driving experience. A recent high school graduate may have never had a fender bender, but it doesn’t mean they can be trusted with a high-end vehicle.


2. Customer Service Focused

Think that a valet’s most important job is to park or retrieve a vehicle? Think again. Providing stellar customer service should be the first priority for all parking attendants. That’s because a smile and a friendly attitude at the outset can buy patience, respect, and more tips from a customer later on. Because your attendant will be dealing with people all day, it’s important that they have some conflict resolution skills. During the interview process, give them role-play scenarios where they must deal with an irate customer and see how they handle these issues.


3. Money Smarts

The ability to quickly calculate fees and make correct change for customers is integral for any valet. A few miscalculated dollars here and there can add up fast and make a dent in your bottom line. You may consider administering a written or verbal arithmetic quiz during the interview to test their basic abilities. Relatedly, they should also be comfortable dealing with cash, credit, or any other payment system your business uses.


4. Record-keeping skills

Some businesses require valets to record and keep track of all work-related activity, such as financial transactions, current number of vehicles in lot, number of vehicles that have gone in and/or out of lot, number of validated or exception tickets. Because a parking facility is made up of so many moving parts, attendants should be at once attentive and able to multitask in a fast-paced environment.


5. Basic Maintenance Ability

High on the list of nice-to-haves for your next parking attendant is simple maintenance skills. Changing a flat tire or a being able to service a vehicle with gas or water is an added bonus for both your business and your customers. Some facilities may require basic knowledge on how to protect tires or car exteriors. Relatedly, a valet should be comfortably lifting 25 pounds.

As you interview potential candidates, ask questions which will allow them to demonstrate if they possess these traits and how they will perform them. In doing so, you’ll feel more confident in your decision and they will be able to anticipate exactly what is expected of them in their new position.



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