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Why You Should Invest in Your Employer Brand

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Why You Should Invest in Your Employer Brand

You’ve probably poured large amounts of time and money into creating and marketing your business’s brand, but have you given any thought to your employer brand? Also known as your talent brand, this is your reputation among former, current, and potential employees. In our candidate-driven job market, it’s more important than ever to evaluate your employer brand and how your business is perceived by potential hires.


Your reputation is on the line

Think of your employer brand as you would your customer brand. The more appealing your customer brand is, the more likely potential customers will buy your product or service. Likewise, the more appealing your employer brand is, the more likely potential employees will want to work for your company. Would you want to lose a potential star employee to a competitor because your employer brand isn’t up to par?

The impact of your employer brand goes beyond attracting potential hires. Your employer brand also affects how your current employees view working for your company. If your employees view your company as stagnant, with little room for growth, they’ll likely jump ship sooner than later. On the flip side, if you demonstrate that you’re invested in your employees, they’re more likely to remain loyal to your company. Aside from improved employee retention, your current employees will be advocates for your company and refer their friends to your future openings.


How to improve your employer brand

Think about what you can uniquely offer to your employees and advertise those offerings. Increasing compensation isn’t the only way to make yourself more attractive to potential hires. Can you offer perks such as flexible hours or do you pride yourself on having a diverse team? If you can offer your employees something your competitors cannot, potential hires will be more drawn to your company.

Now that you’ve thought about how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, you have to make sure your employer brand is reaching your potential employees. If your company doesn’t have an online presence, you should consider getting on social media. Being active on social media shows potential hires that you’re a current and engaged employer.

Last but not least, you should pay attention to your job descriptions, especially if your employer brand is relatively unknown. You need to write a compelling job description that conveys your employer brand and outlines all of your selling points. You will receive many more applications if you can give candidates a sense of what makes working for your company unique through your job description.


How Merlin can help

Posting on an online job board might help get eyes on your job but it can be difficult to stand out amongst a sea of other employees. Luckily, there’s Merlin.


Reach out to candidates directly through Merlin

Merlin lets you reach out to candidates you’re interested in and chat with them directly


Instead of waiting around for applications, reach out to candidates first. Taking initiative will make a good first impression on candidates and set you up to tell them more about the opportunity. There’s no better way to demonstrate your employer brand than talking to potential employees directly. Let us help you display your employer brand and hire the best candidates today!



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