How to Reduce No-Shows for Your Interviews

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How to Reduce No-Shows for Your Interviews

You’ve worked hard to source and screen candidates for your job opening. You reach out to schedule an in-person interview with a candidate you’re interested in. You spend more time reviewing the candidate’s application and preparing interview questions. Everything is in place, except the candidate doesn’t show up on the day of the interview.

What went wrong? Most likely several things. We’ll show you how to fix those things and minimize no-shows for your interviews.


Expedite Your Hiring Process

If a candidate doesn’t show up for an interview, chances are they have already accepted an offer elsewhere. If you’re moving slower than your competitors, they’ll have first pick at top talent. Think about parts of your hiring process you can make faster. If you’re taking too long to schedule interviews with your candidates, you should aim to reduce the amount of time between receiving a candidate’s application and scheduling an interview with them.

Invite candidates for an interview straight from Merlin

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Follow Up

Some candidates may not show up for interviews simply because they forget about it. Candidates are far more likely to show up if you follow up with them before the interview. However, sending candidates an email won’t do. A recent study shows that email open rates are as low as 8%.

How do you make sure you reach candidates then? The same study shows that instant messages have a 97% read rate and 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes of being received. If you want to ensure your message reaches candidates, consider Merlin’s chat function.

Chat with candidates to confirm interviews

Merlin lets you confirm interviews with candidates in real time


Hiring qualified candidates is challenging enough. No-shows should not hinder your hiring efforts. As long as you move quickly with candidates and follow up with them, you should be on your way to interviewing quality candidates. Let us help you expedite your hiring and find the best candidates today!



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