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How to Spot a Talented Salesperson

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How to Spot a Talented Salesperson

You can have the best product and marketing in the world and not make a single sale without a talented sales team. At the end of the day, your sales team will be the all-important last mile between your business and your customers. We’ve identified several key traits that talented salespeople are more likely to have than not.



Unlike other jobs where passion is a nice-to-have, passion is a must-have for sales. Regardless of what your product or your service is, your salesperson needs to be passionate about sales. They need to possess a primal urge to influence and convince other people. Ideally, they should also be passionate about your product.

Top-performing sales people are passionate about their profession and their product because they should be internally driven to make sales. While externally motivated salespeople might drive sales in the short-term, they’ll quickly burn out when there’s a downturn in business.



Salespeople need to be constantly learning about your products and your industry because they are the experts your customers rely on to get accurate and up to date information about your products. Your salespeople need to have a deep understanding of your company history and products to be a trusted authority.

Additionally, they’ll also need to have a keen sense of what your competitors are up to. Salespeople with a genuine sense of curiosity and a drive to learn continuously will be much more likely to keep abreast of your products and your industry.



A high level of empathy is what sets a top salesperson apart from a good salesperson. An empathetic salesperson will be able to put themselves in your customer’s shoes more easily and understand their pain points. Remember that your product is no more than a solution to your customers’ problems. A salesperson who genuinely understands your customers’ problems will be much better positioned to present your product as a solution to their problems than one who doesn’t.

An empathetic salesperson will also be more likely to put your customers’ needs above their own. For example, they might be more concerned about giving your customers a pressure-free shopping experience than pressuring them to make a purchase on the spot.



Last but not least, a good salesperson must have resilience in spades. Rejection is a daily fact of life for salespeople. Your salesperson not only needs to be unaffected by the loss of a sale but they need to bounce back with the same high level of energy to help your next customer.

No matter how many rejections they encounter in a day, they have to treat your customers with the same positive attitude and energy because the customer who makes a purchase could always be around the corner.

Truly talented salespeople are hard to come by but they are a key driver for your business. As long as your candidate is passionate, curious, empathetic, and resilient, chances are you’re looking at a top performer. Let us help you find your next star salesperson today!



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