How to Stand Out in Retail

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How to Stand Out in Retail

So you want to get a job at your favorite store. However, there are many applicants and only a handful of openings. Here’s how you can stand out from the competition and land the retail job of choice!


Research the brand

As a retail associate, you’ll need to have a strong understanding of your brand and your products. Therefore, it’s essential for you to research the brand before you apply to a retail job. You should also research the brand’s competitors and their products to get a sense of what makes the brand unique.

Getting your knowledge of the brand and the market across during the interview process will demonstrate your initiative in learning about the company and your potential to be a star associate to prospective employers.


Demonstrate enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a nice-to-have for most jobs but a must-have for retail. Not only do you have to be enthusiastic about your brand and your products, you have to show the same level of enthusiasm to all of your customers. Keep in mind that you will serve as the face of the brand so you need to show that you are capable of communicating the personality of the brand to customers. Letting your enthusiasm and personality shine through in the interview will show prospective employers you’re a good candidate to represent their brand.


Make your first impression count

Making a good first impression is important for applying to all jobs but even more so for jobs in retail. Your interactions with customers will likely be brief and your time to make a good impression on them will be limited. Use the interview as an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the brand and your personality but also your ability to work with others and make conversation. Again, your goal here is to convince prospective employers that you will be a good fit for their company culture.


Sell yourself

When it comes down to it, you’re applying to be a salesperson. Therefore, your ability to sell yourself is essential. Let employers know of any previous sales or customer experience you have. Quantify your achievements, if possible. Don’t just tell employers what your tasks were, show them the impact you made. Instead of saying “I sold apparel to customers”, tell employers how many items you sold and how many customers you sold to.

If you don’t have any sales experience, think of any experience you have that may be tangentially related. For example, if you’ve worked as a receptionist, think about how that experience can be applied to sales. Did you have to help and talk to customers? If you’ve worked in any customer-facing role before, chances are your experience can be translated to sales. At the end of the day, your ability to tell a convincing story with your experience matters more than the actual nature of your experience itself.


Where to find retail jobs

Retail jobs can be found at pretty much every shop with a physical storefront. You could go with the traditional approach of going store to store to ask if they have any openings or you could go with Merlin.

Merlin offers many retail positions

Merlin offers many retail positions in our Retail category


The competition for retail positions might be tough but as long as you do your research, demonstrate enthusiasm, make a good impression, and tell a convincing story with your experiences, you’ll be a cut above the rest. Let us help you find your next retail job today!


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