How to Get New Employees to Show Up on Their First Day

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How to Get New Employees to Show Up on Their First Day

So you’ve screened, interviewed, and finally hired the perfect candidate. Except, they don’t show up on their first day of work. Candidates may not show up on their first day for a variety of reasons. Here’s what you can do to prevent no shows and get new employees to come in on their first day.


Send them a reminder

Sometimes candidates simply forget when their start date is. Remind candidates when the need to come in the day before. Don’t expect to email candidates a day before and expect them to show up though. A recent study shows that email open rates are as low as 8%. Instead, give them a call or message them. 90% of instant messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.

Chat with candidates to confirm interviews

You can message candidates directly from our app.


Check in with them

If your candidate fails to show up on their first day of work, give them a call and ask them what happened. Don’t berate them for not showing up. Instead, show your concern and ask them if everything is alright. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances such as family emergencies or illness may prevent employees from showing up for work.

If your new employee gives you a reasonable explanation, give them the benefit of the doubt and reschedule a new start date. Being understanding can help you retain candidates who didn’t show up on their first day but would otherwise make great employees.


Make yourself more attractive

A common reason why new employees don’t show up on their first day of work is because they accepted a better offer elsewhere and didn’t tell you about it. As unprofessional as this seems, hourly employees often take another job simply because it pays 50 cents or a dollar more per hour.

If you cannot compete on pay, consider offering better benefits or improving your employer brand. The only way you can make sure your new employees commit to you is if you make your business the best place to work at out of your competitors. Improving your employee experience not only helps you attract the best candidates but also helps you to retain your best workers.

Going through the entire hiring process and having candidates not show up on their first day can be disheartening. However, if you send candidates a reminder, check in with them, and make yourself a more attractive employer, you can significantly improve how many of your new employees show up on their first day of work.

If you’re having trouble with getting your regular employees to show up for work, make sure to read our post about incentives to improve employee attendance!


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